Mini Chocolate Ice Cream Cups

recipe ice cream cups miniDo you ever have so much to do that when you finally get a moment to do all those things you decide to take a nap instead? That’s been me for a month straight. I have this fear of disappointing people so I say yes to every opportunity thrown my way, but in the end I disappoint those people anyways because my schedule is too overbooked to fulfill those commitments. All that to say, I’m happy to be back to blogging and pursuing my creative passions. This two-week hiatus has been two weeks too long if you ask me.

To kickoff my return, I wanted to post a fun and easy recipe that can be achieved by even the biggest kitchen amateur. I had the idea for this recipe a couple weeks ago but was so sure that someone on Pinterest had already beat me to it so I threw it on the back burner. Much to my surprise, I can’t seem to find something like this out there which of course made me rush to the kitchen to challenge my idea. Think of these mini chocolate ice cream cups as oversized Dibs, if you will.

ice cream cup recipeThis treat was so easy to pull together. I would say the biggest challenge in this recipe are the dishes that pile in the sink afterwards due to the many bowls and utensils used for all three chocolate varieties. This recipe is super customizable, so of course if you have a favorite flavor profile, feel free to get creative.

ice cream cups dessert recipe

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